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Foundation purpose and operation

Thai Binh Duong Construction & Investment Joint-stock Company foundation purpose is conformable to the indispensable social tendency and is originated from the ideas of the confidential shareholders who have been working for construction companies for many years. Our founding members determine that only a joint-stock company can take full advantage of the financial and brainpower abilities of the employees and from this reason, Thai Binh Duong Construction & Investment Joint-stock Company was founded from 10/2009.

The business line of our company is multidirectional, but the main field is construction of industrial and civil projects and it will be expanded after a few years of operation.

Our shareholder guideline: Considering the company as the second home. So, the entire shareholder will be as brothers and together we share the responsibility of building up the development of the company.

We all firmly determine that: The everlasting development of the company must be achieved by the project quality and the work schedule.

For our operation slogan: Losing money is losing nothing, losing the trust is losing everything So, any member whose activity leads to a bad influence for the company prestige shall be considered as guilty before the company and the shareholders.

Our motto in working: Finishing the works, not finishing the working-hours, so everyone must think: Do not leave the today work for tomorrow, even if no more work to do then.

In the market economy, we determine that our profit must be gained through the brainpower of each member, manifesting in production and execution management, advanced method statement and technology application as well as the labor productivity increment.

In order to have more jobs and increase the turnover; we will provide a reasonable price for every project, with the not-high profit ratio but the augmentation of turn over is the augmentation of profit.

For these above reasons, we, the founding members, will hope that in a brief period, Thai Binh Duong JSC will deserve the title of a powerful company in the field of industrial and civil construction project.

Certificate of business registration

No The business sector
1 Specialized construction activities
2 Housing Construction
3 Construction and civil engineering work
4 Preparing the ground
5 Installation of drainage systems, heating and air conditioning
6 Construction of roads and railways
7 Building puplic works
8 Demolition of buildings
9 Wholesale material, equipment installed in the building
10 Installation of building
11 Retail hardware, paints, glass and equipment installed in the building in specialized stores
12 Installation of electrical systems (power transmission line construction to 35 KVA)